Projects and Users


  • IMMERSE Project which aims to prepare numerical ocean models for the next generation Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS)

  • FIRESPILL Project which aims to enhance the capacity of Emergency Service Organizations to increase cross-border effectiveness in tackling natural and man-made disasters, decreasing the exposure of the populations to the impact of hazards and increasing the safety of the Croatian and Italian Adriatic basin by improving emergency prevention and management measures and instruments

  • IMPRESSIVE Project which aims to develop a universal-relocatable platform as a product for the real time management of marine pollution events in the wider area of harbors and the vicinities and the near coastal areas that are easy to manipulate and use from the control post at the harbor

  • AtlantOS Project which aims to improve and innovate Atlantic observing by using the Framework of Ocean Observing to obtain an international, more sustainable, more efficient, more integrated, and fit-for-purpose system contributing to the Trans-Atlantic Research Alliance, the GEO (Group on Earth Observations) global initiative Blue Planet, and GOOS (Global Ocean Observing Systems)

  • EMODnet Black Sea Check Point Project which aims to develop a sea-basin monitoring system assessment activity focusing on support sustainable growth in the marine and maritime economy by assessing the potential of available marine observation and data services to address end-user needs

  • EMODnet MedSea Check Point The EMODNET Mediterranean Sea Check Point for assessment of observational data systems and targeted applications

  • MEDESS4MS Mediterranean decision support system for marine safety

  • TESSA Sviluppo di TEcnologie per la Situational Sea Awareness

  • MyOCEAN and MyOCEAN2 GMES Ocean Monitoring and Forecasting Service